How to Work Together with Your Real Estate Agent

When you enter a real estate industry for the first time, whether as a buyer or a seller, chances are you will be working with a real estate agent. A real estate agent is the person that brings money to the industry. They do most of the hard work while expecting to get the best benefit from their service. 

In this article, we will discuss some protocols that will guide you in building a good professional relationship with your agent. 

First, you need to understand that you are working WITH him. You are not his master and he is not your servant. You don’t pay him on an hourly, daily or monthly basis. He gets his “salary” through his sales commission, which is being given to him after the sale.  

Unlike your personal secretary or chauffeur, a Napa valley luxury realtor will not have the “normal” employment terms with you. Therefore, you always need to treat him professionally with respect to his line of work.  Even if you think that you are more educated and earning more than him, the fact is when it comes to real estate; he knows more than you do. Respect what he does and his skills and he will do the same to you. 

Get to your appointment on time. Show common courtesy to your agent. Like you, he is busy too. You don’t like to take much of his time by letting him wait for you. Don’t set up an appointment and then you forget about it. If you will be coming late, call him ahead and let him know what time will you arrive. 

Develop an open communication with your agent. Make him aware what you expect from him regarding his work ethics, marketing strategies and taking initiatives to make every process more efficient and quicker. Let him know how often you want him to call you and what mode. Do you want to be called on your phone, receive MSM, IM’s, emails, FB messaging, or any of the above? 

Tell your agent to let you know any concern or update about your position in the sale. Ask for a feedback about how to better execute your plans or if there are better ways to achieve your goals. Be open-minded when an agent educates you about the things that you don’t know. Avoid being condescending to him. Your level of education, profession, and net worth must not be a part of any of your discussion with him.