Features to expect

Some of the features to expect include;

It always starts with an expansive compound. So huge is the compound that you will momentarily forget that you are at the center of Beverly Hills. A large compound matters a great deal when it comes to homes worth tens of millions of dollars. Such properties often happen to be places where parties hosting celebrities, politicians and business executives happen to take place. Huge spaces happen to be a primary consideration for a buyer of such an incredibly expensive property.

The design of the $72,000,000 Beverly Hills listing the home is something that will captivate even a discerning buyer. The properties tend to lean towards the golden age European architecture while at the same time embracing the futuristic designs. The filial and other decorating items around the house will make it look grandeur but at the same time so endearing and captivating. The true worth of such a manor or mansion is not so much in its design or size but the history it carries within its walls.

The extravagance found in this property is not only incredibly ludicrous but so enticing that you will simply write the check at once if you happen to have the funds in the account. In this home, you will find fountains, several swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts and so much more. When talking about these properties, it is no longer about how many bedrooms it has but how long you can live in it without the need of venturing out.