The Worlds Most Luxurious Homes

If you were to compare the real estate today with what or how it was three decades back, you will be surprised at the incredible difference. Today there are more millionaires than there were three decades back. The real estate market especially the high-end one which involves tens of millions of dollars tends to grow bigger by the year. It was uncommon to find three properties in a row whose asking price was more than $50M. Today, this $72,000,000 Beverly Hills listing stands as one of the many that have come up in the recent years.

As more millionaires are being made by the world, so are the multimillion homes and other properties getting churned by property builders. The market has never been this lively. There are many properties now worth millions of dollars as there are hundreds of multimillionaires in Beverly Hills alone.

As an exotic home buyer, you will need to explore the market so as to get the best deal. Unlike yesteryears when there was probably one or two properties to consider, today the rich have a wider scope of listings to go through. This has definitely made the market competitive. Beverly Hills has for a long time been acclaimed for its exoticness, great view of the ocean and incredible beaches.
The high-end address of California has been attracting heavy investors, especially in residential properties. There is a myriad of properties to satiate your view within this area. If you have enough cash to buy any of the properties, you should start with the $72,000,000 Beverly Hills Listing which has an incredible design not to mention a plethora of features.

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